Super resolution

Our group is developing refined single-molecule imaging tools for super-resolution microscopy. We develop novel photoswitches, optical imaging schemes, software for image processing and data analysis, and apply these tools to study cellular life.


  • 19 Apr 2017: TRABI 1.2 was launched and can be found here.

Recent publications:

  • Franke C, Sauer M, van de Linde S. Photometry unlocks 3D information from 2D localization microscopy data. Nat Methods. 2017, 14, 41-44. link
  • Romain F Laine, Gabriele S Kaminski Schierle, Sebastian van de Linde and Clemens F Kaminski. From single-molecule spectroscopy to super-resolution imaging of the neuron: a review. Methods Appl Fluoresc. 2016, 4, 022004. link


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