April 2020 Many congratulations to Natakorn Sapermsap on the publication of his first journal paper A Rapid analysis platform for investigating the cellular locations of bacteria using two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in Methods and Applications in Fluorescence.  No doubt many more to come!

March 2020 Chloe Chung successfully passed her PhD viva despite the pandemic leading to the extra stress of having a Zoom viva. Well done Chloe! Chloe’s thesis is entitled Elucidating protein stabilization with fluorescence techniques.

January 2020 Many congratulations to OPTIMA research student Maria Panagopoulou on the publication of her review of the applications of fluorescence to extracellular vesicles. 

December 2019 Heartiest congratulations to Photophysics OPTIMA CDT students Gillian Craig and Hazel Stewart for success in their PhD vivas. Gillian’s thesis was on researching fluorescently-labelled gold nanoprobes for detecting cancer biomarkers  and Hazel’s thesis was on tumour margin estimation for fluorescence-guided surgery. Well done you two!

December 2019 Another years success celebrated at the Group’s Christmas lunch at the Butterfly and the Pig – they both fly don’t they?

November 2019 David Birch visits ERASMUS collaborator the Czech Technical University in Kladno to present a lecture on application of the Group’s new FLIM camera to cancer biomarker screening and fluorescence guided surgery for improved tumour margin estimation. The content also formed part of a joint lecture with David McLoskey of HORIBA IBH at the recent QuantIC Celebration Event at the Glasgow Science Centre.

October 2019 David Birch visited the Palace of Westminster to join the team from Photophysics spin-out HORIBA IBH Ltd in collecting an Institute of Physics Business Innovation Award for the development of a novel fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) camera capable of making measurements at over an order of magnitude faster than conventional scanning systems. The development has already been successfully shown to open new possibilities in live-cell imaging, liquid biopsy and fluorescence guided surgery.

August 2019 David Birch and Chloe Chung attended the 16th Methods and Applications in Fluorescence (MAF) Conference in San Diego. David serves on the conference Permanent Standing Committee and this was the first time the conference has been held outside Europe. David presented a talk on melanin photophysics, chaired conference sessions and the Editorial Board of the MAF journal. Chloe presented a poster on her PhD work in collaboration with NPL on detecting protein glycation and aggregation using time-resolved emission spectra.

August 2019 Many congratulations to Stephen Mbalaha on his first journal publication. Stephen’s work on small gold nanorods functionalized with single stranded DNA hairpins has been published in ACS Omega.

July 2019  The 18th volume of the Springer Series on Fluorescence, entitled Fluorescence in Industry, has just been released and includes a chapter on Instrumentation for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement Using Photon Counting. The chapter charts the history and product progress of Photophysics Group spin-out HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH, from its incorporation in 1977 as the longest-established company in TCSPC and one of the earliest Scottish University spin-outs, through to its present market-leading role as part of HORIBA Scientific.

June 2019 Delighted to report a 36% increase in the impact factor of the Institute of Physics Publishing journal Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. The journal was launched in 2013 and its 3rd impact factor has now reached 2.94. Professor David Birch is co-founding editor-in-chief of the journal.

June 2019 Heartiest congratulations to Alastair Davy on success in his PhD Viva. Alastair  is an OPTIMA CDT student and his thesis work was focused on melanin.  Well done Dr Melanin!

June 2019 Graham Hungerford, Senior Applications Scientist at HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd, and who is seconded part-time to the Group presented a talk CMOS based TCSPC camera for real time video rate fast FLIM acquisition at the Photonex meeting in Glasgow.

May 2019 The Photophysics Group had a strong presence at the recent FluoroFest International Workshop in Fort Worth. Research student Chloe Chung talked about her thesis work on protein fibril formation and Hazel Stewart talked about her research on tumour boundary definition. Post Doctoral Research Assistant Philip Yip described his work with a new type of fast FLIM camera funded by the QuantIC Quantum  Technologies Hub and HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd and also demonstrated the device at the meeting. Professor David Birch Chaired the first session and later presented an invited lecture on melanin structure and order.

May 2019 Yu Chen presented her recent cell work using the mRNA cancer nanoprobe in an invited talk at the 6th European conference on Lasers, Optics and Photonics in Stockholm, Sweden.

February 2019 David Birch presented evidence for the first time for pheomelanin having a sheet structure at Photonics West, part of SPIE’s BIOS Symposium in San Francisco. The paper was co-authored with research student Alastair Davy.

December 2018 Photophysics celebrated the end of another successful year of research with a Tapas Christmas lunch at Cafe Andaluz followed by a visit to the Christmas market in George Square. All our very best wishes for 2019 to our many friends and collaborators around the world.

November 2018 The Photophysics Group hosted a one day workshop on cancer nanoprobes for the visit of Professor Min Su and his team from Shantou University Medical School.

November 2018 Philip Yip and David Birch attended the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre London in order to demonstrate the latest developments in fast fluorescence lifetime imaging. The research forms part of the QuantIC Quantum Technology Hub and is in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd.

November 2018 David Birch attended the Editorial Board meeting of Methods and Applications in Fluorescence as co-Editor -in-Chief held at the new Kings Cross premises of the Institute of Physics in London.

October 2018 Many congratulations to Alastair Davy for winning 2nd prize for his presentation on pheomelanin sheet structure at the NPL Post Graduate Institute for Measurement Science Conference held at Strathclyde. Research Fellow Philip Yip also presented a talk on his research in collaboration with University spin-out HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH, including recent work on single-photon avalanche photodiodes. Stephen Zendesha and Chloe Chung also presented posters on their work. A great networking time was had by all!

October 2018 A warm welcome to Hajar Mousavi who joins the Photphysics Group to work on gold nanoprobes with Dr Yu Chen.

September 2018 David Birch kicked off the Group’s 2018-19 seminar series with a lecture marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Photophysics Group. Entitled “Fluorescence at Strathclyde – 40 ns to 40 years” David highlighted major developments in the area  of fluorescence photophysics during this period and some of the Group’s many contributions to it.  Of particular note has been the training of research students and research fellows that have lead to very successful careers which include 7 tenured Professors and 9 Captains of Industry. The next 40 years has already started!

September 2018 A warm welcome back to Dr Graham Hungerford who obtained his PhD in the Photophysics Group at the University of Strathclyde in 1991 for work on near-infrared TCSPC and then continued in fluorescence research at the Universities of Strathclyde, Leuven and Minho before joining Group spin-out HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH in 2008. Graham has over 100 publications on fluorescence and will be sharing his time between us and the Company as a Senior Researcher. Graham is working on new imaging technology and brings with him his wealth of experience in fluorescence techniques and applications.

September 2018 A warm welcome to new PhD research student Rhona Muir who will be working on imaging skin auto-fluorescence in a project supervised by Olaf Rolinski in collaboration with Shareen Forbes at  Queens Medical Research Institute Edinburgh. Rhona’s project is supported by the EPSRC/MRC OPTIMA CDT.

August 2018 The Photophysics Group was well-represented at the 7th EuCheMS Congress in Liverpool, which attracted 1500 delegates from around the world. David Birch convened the all-day session on Photochemistry, Photophysics and Electrochemistry and talks were presented by Yu Chen, Olaf Rolinski and Chloe Chung. Chloe and Abeer Alghamdi presented posters on their recent work on the use of time-resolved intrinsic fluorescence spectra in the study of protein fibril formation and Philip Yip and David Birch co-authored a poster on new developments in fast FLIM.  Photophysics Group partners HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd and QuantIC exhibited some of their latest developments in photon timing.

June 2018 Our warmest congratulations to Ben Russell for being awarded the Franks Thesis Prize awarded by the Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group of the Institute of Physics for the Best PhD thesis completed in 2017.

April 2018 Our hearty congratulations to Yu Chen on the recent announcement of her promotion to Reader.

March 2018 Many congratulations to Chancellor’s Fellow Sebastian van de Linde on the award of the Academy of Medical Sciences research grant “Tuneable photoswitches for chromatic aberration-free multicolour super-resolution imaging.”

February 2018 David Birch will be convening sessions at the Spring SciX meeting in Glasgow in April 2018 and the 7th EuCheMS Congress in Liverpool in August 2018.

January 2018 Research student Hazel Stewart attended Photonics West and BiOS in San Francisco, presenting a poster and short talk on her work on fluorescence-guided surgery.

January 2018 Many congratulations to research students Abeer Alghamdi and Chloe Chung who have recently published their first research papers. Both papers concerned monitoring protein aggregation using time-resolved emission spectroscopy. Abeer’s paper was published in the FluoroFest special issue in Methods and Applications in Fluorescence and demonstrated monitoring of the early stages of beta-amyloid aggregation that leads to Alzheimer’s disease. Chloe’s paper on insulin was joint with NPL, published in Applied Physics Letters and has relevance to the efficacy and cost of diabetes treatment.

January 2018 A warm welcome to new Photophysics research student Natakorn Sapermsap who will be working on the use of nanostructures for biomedical sensing and imaging. The Photophysics Group is now the largest it has ever been with 18 members, which includes 12 research students.

December 2017 Another great year for Photophysics publications in journals and conferences ended with Christmas lunch at the Metropolitan restaurant in Merchant Square. Keep up the great work and all the very best for 2018 everyone.

October 2017 A big welcome to new Photophysics research students Lucas Herdly and Milan Adelt. A Photophysics welcome outing was held at the Drygate Craft Brewery.

September 2017 The Photophysics Group hosts the University of Tokyo – University of Strathclyde Student Symposium. Strathclyde speakers included Marie Boyd of SIPBS, Aaron Lau of Pure and Applied Chemistry as well as our very own Chloe Chung, Hazel Stewart and David Birch.

September 2017 The Photophysics Group attend the 15th MAF Conference in Bruges. Chloe Chung, Gillian Craig and Hazel Stewart all presented posters. David Birch attended the Board meetings of the conference Permanent Standing Committee and the MAF journal. The next MAF conference will be held in San Diego in 2019 and in subsequent years in Gothenburg, Fort Worth and Valencia.

August 2017 Former Photophysics Group members and co-founders of IBH, Bob Imhof and Tony Hallam, return to Glasgow for the 40th Anniversary Dinner marking the founding of the Group spin-out company Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd.

July 2017 Photophysics starts a £530k QuantIQ Phase 2 Partnership project for “MUX-TCSPC: Detection of cancer biomarkers.”

June 2017 Release of journal impact factors for 2016 show Methods and Applications in Fluorescence to have increased by 10% to 2.7 making it the clear leader in the field. The new figures also show how as Editor-in-Chief David Birch led Measurement Science and Technology to its highest-ever impact factor since its launch in 1923.

May 2017 Research students Chloe Chung, Gillian Craig and Hazel Stewart have won Frans De Schyver Scholarships to enable them to attend the forthcoming MAF meeting in Bruges.

May 2017 Many congratulations to Ben Russell on passing his PhD viva. Well done Ben! Ben’s research focused on gold nanoclusters.

April 2017 The FluoroFest event held at the Village Hotel Club in Glasgow proved to be a great success.  Chaired by David Birch this international workshop was the 12th in the series and attracted 100 delegates from 14 countries. Lectures in fluorescence by leading experts were complemented by 14 flash talks by research students, hands-on instrument time, a lecture on publishing in scientific journals by Sharon D’Souza of the Institute of Physics Publishing and 40 posters.  Ben Russell of Photophysics was a runner-up in the poster prize, which was won by Alix Le Marois of Kings College London. Well done all the presenters! The conference dinner was held at Ross Priory and ended with a birthday cake celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Group’s leading spin-out company IBH. In the closing session David Birch, co-founder of IBH, was presented with a lifetime achievement award by Cary Davies of HORIBA Scientific. A great time was had by all!

March 2017 Many congratulations to Olaf Rolinski for receiving an Institute of Physics Outstanding Reviewer Award for his work in 2016 for Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. These awardees are chosen by the journal editorial teams for the quantity, timeliness and quality of their reviews.

March 2017 Yu Chen and David Birch visit the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague to present the lecture course Fluorescence Spectroscopy & Microscopy for Biomedical Science & Technology as part of the Erasmus collaboration.

February 2017 Photophysics research student Alastair Davy is a member of the organising committee for the RSC’s Emerging Analytical Professionals Conference to be held in Kettering on 12-14th May 2017.

January 2017 A warm welcome to visiting researcher Piotr Kasprzycki from the Ultrafast Phenomena Lab, Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw.

January 2017 Many joyful congratulations to Carina and Sebastian van de Linde on the birth of their lovely daughter Clara.

January 2017 Photophysics Group collaborator Max Ryanov of NPL presents a Department Colloquium Protein Design as a Physical Sciences approach for Biological Function.

December 2016 Registrations open for the 12th FluoroFest workshop to be held in Glasgow between April 24-26, 2017. The list of world-renowned speakers includes Joseph Lakowicz (University of Maryland ), Otto Wolfbeis (University of Regensburg ), Yves Mely  (University of Strasbourg ), Karol Gryczynski (Texas Christian University), Andrew Beeby (University of Durham), Robert Henderson (University of Edinburgh), Sebastian van de Linde (University of Strathclyde) and Martin Nikl (Institute of Physics, Prague). The organising committee comprises David Birch (Chair), Anita Jones (University of Edinburgh), Klaus Suhling (Kings College London) and Kulwinder Sagoo (Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd). The event is part of the celebrations for the 40th Anniversary of the incorporation of Photophysics Group spin-out IBH Ltd. IBH specialises in TCSPC and joined Horiba in 2003 to form what is today the market-leading supplier of fluorescence spectrometers.

December 2016 The Photophysics Group holds its annual Christmas lunch at the Sapporo restaurant and this was followed by the Department Christmas Party.  Ho Ho Ho!

November 2016 Photophysics research students attend the Horiba Open Day in Glasgow. David Birch gave the opening talk on fluorescence metrology.

November 2016 Photophysics Visiting Professor Karol Gryczynski presents an exciting Department Colloquium on Quest for Higher Sensitivity in Fluorescence Based Detection. From Ultrasensitive Biomedical Assays to Super-resolution Imaging.

November 2016 David Birch attends the Editorial Board meeting of Methods and Applications in Fluorescence in London. The IoP have just announced that the journal will be indexed in MEDLINE in 2017 and searchable from the PubMed® database.

October 2016 Many congratulations to Photophysics research student Gillian Craig who won 3rd prize in the poster competition for her poster “Novel mRNA Nanoprobes for Cancer Detection” at the Circulating Biomarkers 2016 conference in Dundee.

September 2016 David Birch attends the meeting of the European Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology at the Institute of Physics Publishing in Bristol and receives a commemorative tankard to honour the end of his 5 year term as Editor-in-Chief. Professor Ken Christensen  of the University of Notre Dame will be taking over the role from January 1st 2017 and we wish Ken and the journal continued success for the future.

September 2016 The Photophysics Group welcomes new Chancellor’s Fellow Dr Sebastian van de Linde from the University of Wurzburg.  Sebastian will be setting up new research facilities in super-resolution microscopy, which will build on his outstanding track record in this area.

August 2016 NPL-Strathclyde Graduate Institute research student Chloe Chung attends the ESRIC super-resolution summer school at Heriot Watt University.

July 2016 A publication featuring the work of Photophysics research student Ben Russell on the effect the anticoagulant warfarin on gold cluster formation in human serum albumin is published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

June 2016 The new Institute of Physics journal Methods and Applications in Fluorescence receives a first impact factor of 2.429. This spectacular result establishes the journal as the Number 1 in the field and represents significant progress in the journal’s mission to reflect the high global impact of fluorescence in paper citations.

June 2016 David Birch visits Prague to present a seminar on fluorescence at the Heyrovsky Institute and meet with collaborators at the Czech Technical University and the Institute of Physics.

June 2016 The Photophysics Group attended a High-Tec Tea hosted by the Group’s spin-out Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd to mark the official opening of its new R&D&M facility in Finnieston. Eric Teboul, Vice President of Horiba Scientific, cut the red tape to open the facility.  A really great time was consumed by all!

May 2016  David Birch and research student Alastair Davy attended the 2016 RSC Analytical Science Network’s Emerging Analytical Professionals Conference at Fareham in Hampshire. Many congratulations to Alastair who won the prize for the best poster for his work on gold nanoparticle toxicology. David presented an invited lecture on nanoparticle fluorescence metrology.  Other highlights included the Saturday night disco, Fancy Dress contest and a Casino night! This conference series combines lectures on chemical research and transferable skills in order to aid the career development of young researchers. Many congratulations to the organizers for yet another amazing event.

April 2016 Yu Chen and David Birch gave invited lectures at the 11th FluoroFest international workshop held in Beijing.  Sponsored by HORIBA the event yet again demonstrated its leading place amongst industry-led fluorescence workshops by attracting over 100 delegates to the two day programme. Yu and David spoke about different aspects of the Photophysics Group’s research on nanoparticles. In addition David presented the fluorescence plenary lecture at the HORIBA Bioday that followed. Their visit also enabled a happy reunion with former Photophysics Research students Peng, Taylor and Yinan.

April 2016 Chloe Chung starts a PhD placement at the National Physical Laboratories in Teddington. Chloe’s project is on the self-assembly of peptides.

March 2016 David Birch visits the National University of Ireland in Galway as an examiner and to present a research seminar on the Photophysics Group’s research into glucose sensing for improved diabetes care. Subsequently David chaired the International Board of Measurement Science and Technology, which this year was held at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

March 2016 The Photophysics Group latest research on nanoparticle metrology is published in Measurement Science and Technology. In collaboration with co-authors at NPL and the University of Copenhagen the paper reported the application of the the new bespoke red dye ADOTA to discover that a larger size of nanoparticles are synthesized during the gelation of silica hydrogel than had hitherto been observed. The work could have important implications for a better understanding of the gelation of silica sols. The first author is Photophysics PhD student Hazel Stewart, who obtained the first particle  measurements with ADOTA during her undergraduate project.  Philip Yip obtained the super-resolution  characterization of single molecules of the dye during work at NPL.

February 2016 Many congratulations to our Departmental colleague Nick Lockerbie and SUPA colleagues at Glasgow University for their part in detecting gravitational waves. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest measurements of all time.

February 2016 Many congratulations to Philip Yip on passing his PhD viva. Philip’s thesis was on time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy with applications to new dyes and gold clusters. His project was sponsored by the SFC Inspire programme, NPL and Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd. Philip will be continuing his work as a Research Assistant in the Group.

February 2016 Professor Mario Berberan-Santos from the University of Lisbon visits the Photophysics Group and presents a seminar on phasor approaches to fluorescence.

January 2016 David Birch is an invited speaker at the forthcoming Beijing FluoroFest and the Bio Day to be held at Peking University in April.

December 2015. The Photophysics Christmas Dinner was held at Café India in the Merchant City. Ho Ho Ho everyone and we look forward to another successful year in 2016!

December 2015. We welcomed research student Piotr Kasprzycki from the Ultrafast Phenomena Lab of the University of Warsaw. Piotr visited the Photophysics Lab for a two week stay in order perform anisotropy decay measurements.

November 2015 Photophysics Visiting Professor John Pickup receives a Honorary  DSc from our Principal Jim MacDonald at the November Graduation Ceremony. John is Emeritus Professor of Diabetes and Metabolism at King’s College London and is an internationally acclaimed authority on diabetes. He has collaborated with the Photophysics Group since 1996 on the development of fluorescence lifetime sensors for continuous in-vivo blood glucose monitoring. During this period our Strathclyde and King’s College teams have jointly won 8 research grants from the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC. These include an EPSRC £5m Science and Innovation Award in nanometrology and Adventure Competition winning award “Single molecule sensing in clinical medicine.” Over 40 journal publications have arisen from the collaboration.

November 2015. The Group’s latest paper working towards cancer detection “Revealing the photophysics of gold-nanobeacons via time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy” is published in Optics Letters.

October 2015 Gillian Craig wins the Optima CDT Go-Karting race, retaining the much coveted cup for Photophysics following Alastair Davy’s win last year. Well done Gillian! Proves once again that the Photophysics Group always achieves the fastest times!

October 2015 Research students Chloe Chung and Alastair Davy travelled to Teddington along with supervisor David Birch in order to attend the  inauguration of the new PostGraduate Institute at the National Physical Laboratory

September 2015 Many congratulations to Jens Sutter who has been awarded a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

September 2015 A warm welcome to new Photophysics Research students Gillian Craig, Chloe Chung and Hazel Stewart. All three gained competitively won research studentships.

September 2015 The Photophysics Group has a strong presence at MAF 14 in Wurzburg. Ben Russell, Onorio Mancini, Alastair Davy and David Birch all attended the meeting. Four posters were presented. David Birch also Chaired the Closing Session featuring Keynote Speaker Professor JR Lakowicz. Many thanks to Markus and Marina Sauer for organising a great meeting!

September 2015 As Editor-in-Chief David Birch attends the Editorial Board Meetings of the Institute of Physics journals Measurement Science and Technology in Munich and Methods and Applications in Fluorescence in Wurzburg.

August 2015 The Photophysics Group’s research in collaboration with Paul Mulheran and Karina Kubiak-Ossowska of the Department of Chemical Engineering on locating the nucleation sites for protein encapsulated gold nanoclusters is published in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

July 2015 The Photophysics Group’s latest paper on beta-amyloid published in J. Phys. Chem. Letts. uses a new method of fluorescence decay analysis to observe for the first time the effect of simultaneous rotamer behaviour and dielectric relaxation in an amino acid and use this duality to track oligomer formation leading to Alzheimer’s disease.  The work was in collaboration with Vlad Vyshemirsky of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow.

June 2015 David Birch organized the 10th FluoroFest in Starnberg, Germany and lectured at the meeting and also at the 9th FluoroFest, which was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Philip Yip presented  a lecture in Starnberg on super-resolution microscopy from his PhD work in collaboration with NPL and Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd.

May 2015 David Birch will present the invited lecture “Fluorescence lights the way to improved diabetes care” at the PHOTONEX Roadshow Conference, Advances in Photonic Tools & Techniques  for the Life Sciences , to be held  at Strathclyde’s new Technology and Innovation Centre on 3rd June 2015.

May 2015 Methods and Applications in Fluorescence is approved by Thomson Reuters for inclusion in Web of Science and will obtain its first impact factor in 2016. Many congratulations to the authors, the Editorial Board of the journal, and the staff of Institute of Physics Publishing who have helped to achieve this important milestone so soon after the journal’s launch in 2013.

April 2015 David Birch will be a Keynote Speaker at the Emerging Analytical Professionals conference to be held in Bristol on May 8th-10th 2015.

April 2015 Many congratulations to Philip Yip for being awarded a SUPA INSPIRE knowledge exchange fellowship for a secondment to Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd.

April 2015 Registration opens for the next US FluoroFest to be held in Cambridge Massachusetts on June 8th and 9th 2015. The keynote speaker will be Professor Enrico Gratton  of the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, University of California, Irvine.

March 2015 David Birch travels to Tokyo and Kyoto to visit leading laboratories, present seminars and chair the meeting of the International Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology.

February 2015 Yu Chen presents the Group’s latest work on endocytosis and mRNA at the Nanoplasmonics Faraday Discussions meeting in London.

February 2015 The book chapter “Fluorescence” by David Birch, Yu Chen and Olaf Rolinski is published on-line by Wiley in  PHOTONICS: Scientific Foundations, Technology and Applications, IV edited by David L Andrews.The chapter surveys some of the main capabilities, techniques, and measurements that are enabled by fluorescence. It covers spectra, quantum yield, lifetime, quenching, anisotropy, and microscopy, in each case citing topical review articles, many of the original references, underlying theory and modern day applications.

January 2015 The journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics publishes a Photophysics collaborative paper on improving the performance of Concanavalin A in glucose sensing. The paper arose from work led by Brian Cummins of the University of North Carolina when he visited the Group as a Whitaker Fellow in 2013.

January 2015 Registration opens for the latest FluoroFest to be held in Starnberg near Munich at the end of June 2015.

December 18 2014. The results of 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) announced today show that our Physics Department is now the Number 1 in the UK in research. The Department featured in the BBC report. Many congratulations all round! The Photophysics Group made a significant contribution to this success in all the three elements that were assessed – Outputs, Impact and Environment.

December 2014 Many congratulations to Photophysics PhD research student Philip Yip on successful completion of his internship working on fluorescence spectroscopy at Horiba in Edison, New Jersey. Philip won a SUPA Fellowship in order to take up the position.

December 2014. Professor Clemens Kaminski of the University of Cambridge visits the Photophysics Group and presents a Department Colloquium on super-resolution microscopy, the topic of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

December 2014. The Photophysics Christmas lunch this year was held at the City Merchant. Much merriment was enjoyed!

November 2014. David Birch chairs the Editorial Board of Methods and Applications in Fluorescence at Institute of Physics Publishing in Bristol.

November 2014. David Birch presents a Plenary Lecture on melanin fluorescence and structure and Philip Yip presents a lecture on super-resolution microscopy at the FluoroFest workshop held in Durham North Carolina.

September 2014. As Editor-in-Chief David Birch attends the European Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology  at the University of Delft.

September 2014. Yu Chen presents a keynote lecture “Gold nanorods in biological imaging and sensing” at the 2nd OMICS International Conference on Lasers, Optics and Photonics in Philadelphia.

September 2014 Registration opens for the latest US FluoroFest to be held in Rayleigh-Durham, North Carolina  on November 6-7th 2014.

August 2014 Many congratulations to research student Peng Gu who has been awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Researcher Mobility Fellowship for a 3 month visit to the University of Illinois.

August 2014 Paper with Chemistry colleagues in the joint Centre for Molecular Nanometrology on dyes interacting with DNA and spermine is published in the Analyst.

June 2014. Methods and Application in Fluorescence publish full papers from the MAF 13 conference in Genoa, including two from the Photophysics Group.

May 2014. Yu Chen and Philip Yip present talks at the BIO-OPT-XUV collaborative workshops at the Czech Technical University.

April 2014. Jens Sutter introduces the Photophysics  Group’s latest publication, “Metal ion influence on eumelanin fluorescence and structure,” in a video abstract for Methods and Application in Fluorescence.

April 2014. Photophysics collaborator Dr Alex Knight of NPL presents a Departmental Colloquium on super-resolution microscopy.

March 2014. David Birch chairs the International Editorial Board meeting of Measurement Science and Technology in London.

February/March 2014. David Birch visits Fort Worth to take up his appointment to the 2014 Green Honors Chair in Physics at Texas Christian University. David presented research lectures on  glucose sensing and nanoparticle metrology as well as the public interest lecture “Fluorescence – A healthy glow!”

February 2014 Many congratulations to Jens Sutter who has been awarded a Scottish Universities Physics Alliance Advanced Fellowship in the Photophysics Group. Jens’ research in recent years has focused on the fluorescence and structure of melanin. His latest work on the effect of metal ions is currently in press with Methods and Applications in Fluorescence.

January 2014. David Birch visits the University of Copenhagen, presenting the invited seminar “Fluorescence research towards improved healthcare.”

December 2013. The Photophysics Group receives further support for its glucose sensing research from the University’s Research and Development Fund.

December 2013. The Photophysics Christmas lunch is held at the Bombay Cottage Hamilton with 15 attending. Yet another great time was had by all!

November 2013. Book chapter by David Birch and Philip Yip on nanometrology is published in the Springer book “Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy Methods and Protocols” edited by Yves Engelboroghs and Antonie Visser. The book promises to be a very useful addition to the literature on fluorescence by covering methodologies of measurement not usually found in conventional texts.

November 6 2013. Visiting Professor in Photophysics, John Pickup of Kings College London School of Medicine and Guy’s Hospital, presents a Departmental Colloquium “Application of Nanomedicine in Diabetes. ”

September 16-21 2013.  David Birch and Yu Chen, in collaboration with educational industry partner Sim4t, present the summer school “Fluorescent Nanoparticles and Molecules for Nanomedicine” in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. Photophysics interns Hazel Stewart and Alastair Davy present talks on their work at the summer school.

September 8-11 2013. The photophysics Group is well-represented at the MAF 13 meeting in Genoa. Peng Gu, Thorben Wellbrock, Philip Yip and Texas A&M visiting student Brian Cummins all present posters.  Yu Chen and David Birch both presented lectures. David Birch also attended the meeting of the MAF Permananent Standing Committee and chaired the first Editorial Board meeting of the new Institute of Physics journal “Methods and Applications in Fluorescence,” which is closely linked to the MAF conference series. The next MAF conference will be held in Wurzburg in 2015.

September 2-3 2013. Yu Chen co-organizes and presents a lecture at the Strathclyde meeting “Control and Applications of light at the Nanoscale.”

August 19th 2013. David Birch presents an invited lecture “Fluorescence lifetime sensing of glucose” at the 15th European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules at the University of Oxford.

August 2013. David Birch gives a video interview for Institute of Physics Publishing as Editor-in-Chief of Measurement Science and Technology on the occasion of the journal’s 90th anniversary.

August 15th 2013. Yu Chen presents an invited lecture “Luminescent gold nanoparticles and applications in biological imaging”at the International Conference on Nanomaterials in London Ontario.

August 2013. Yu Chen and David Birch are both invited to present talks at next months MAF13 Conference in Genoa.

July 2013. David Birch presents the seminar “Fluorescence and Healthcare” at the University of Cambridge.

July 2013. Final year PhD student Brian Cummins from Texas A&M joins the Centre for Molecular Nanometrology in Photophysics on a Whitaker Fellowship in order to continue his work on glucose sensing over the summer.

July 2013. Methods and Applications in Fluorescence highlights the Photophysics Group’s paper on monitoring beta-amyloid aggregation using tyrosine rotamer fluorescence in a compendium of excellent papers published so far in this new journal.

June 2013. A new BBSRC funded project, led by Yu Chen, on using gold nanoprobes for disease diagnostics, receives widespread publicity including the University Homepage and the Metro.

June 2013. The paper on copper sensing with quantum dots by Jens Sutter, David Birch and Olaf Rolinski is highlighted in the special collection of excellent articles from 2012 by Measurement Science and Technology.

May 2013. Many congratulations to Yu Chen on her promotion to Senior Lecturer. Yu joined the Photophysics Group from the University of Birmingham in 2007 as a Lecturer in support of the £5m capacity-building Science and Innovation Award in Nanometrology, funded by the EPSRC and SFC. Yu’s research interests are in gold nanoparticle photophysics.

May 22nd 2013. David Birch presents the Plenary lecture “Fluorescence for Healthcare” at the FluoroFest VII workshop  held at the University of North Texas Health Centre in Fort Worth.

May 2013. Undergraduate students Hazel Stewart and Alastair Davy win sponsored internships for summer projects in the Photophysics Group. Hazel won a Carnegie Trust award and Alastair an Institute of Physics award.

March 21st 2013. As Editor in Chief of Measurement Science and Technology David Birch welcomed delegates to the special symposium at the Institute of Physics in London, held in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the launch of the journal.  Measurement Science and Technology was not only the first scientific instrument journal in the world, but also the first journal produced by the Institute of Physics. Photographs of the event are available on the MST website.

March 2013. The complete first issue of the new Institute of Physics journal Methods and Applications in Fluorescence is published on-line. The issue includes a video abstract by Olaf Rolinski on the Group’s latest paper on beta-amyloid aggregation using tyrosine fluorescence.  Good agreement between the experimental data and molecular dynamics simulations is demonstrated.

February 27th 2013. The Photophysics Group had a strong presence at the SUPA Physics and Life Sciences Open Day event at Heriot-Watt University. Research students Martin Keating, Thorben Wellbrock and Philip Yip all presented posters and Kulwinder Sagoo, Product Specialist at Photophysics spin-out company Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd, presented an invited talk “Fluorescence in Biomolecular Research.”

February 2013. David Birch presents the Group’s latest findings on melanin photophysics in a talk at the BIOS meeting in San Francisco and then travels to Texas and New England to present seminars on fluorescence and its relevance to measurements in healthcare. The visits were part of the EPSRC Global Engagements Programme.

January 2013. The first papers in the new Institute of Physics journal Methods and Applications in Fluorescence appear on-line.

January 2013 Measurement Science and Technology publishes a special reviews issue at the start of its 90th anniversary year. Articles include a historical perspective of the journal by Richard Dewhurst of the University of Manchester and an editorial by David Birch.

December 5th 2012 David Birch presents a seminar on Bio-Nano Knowledge Exchange as part of the Technology and Innovation Centre Enterprise Challenge.

December 2012 Many congratulations to former Photophysics research student Dan Davis who is leaving his Chair at Imperial College to take up the  Chair in Immunology and become the Director of Research at the new Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Manchester. Well done Dan!

November 29th 2012 Photophysics Group Christmas Dinner is held at Jamie’s Italian in George Square. A great time was had by all!

November 8th 2012 David Birch presents the opening lecture at FluoroFest VI in Kyoto.

October 2012 Research students Thorben Wellbrock, Guoke Wei and Marketa Kubankova join the Photophysics Group. David Birch attends the European Board Meeting of Measurement Science and Technology in Vienna.

September 2012. Applied Physics Letters features the Photophysics Group’s work on melanin amongst its Top Stories.

September 2012. Yu Chen visits China as part of the University’s Global Engagement Programme funded by EPSRC.

August 2012. Peng Gu and Philip Yip present talks at the annual Post Graduate Conference and progress successfully into the 2nd year of their PhD.

August 13th 2012. David Birch is interviewed live on BBC Radio Scotland about the Group’s latest findings concerning melanin’s sheet structure and its link to understanding the causes of melanoma.   The work also featured in the Herald and on the University Home Page.

August 2012. Institute of Physics Publishing launches the new journal “Methods and Applications in Fluorescence.” David Birch is Editor in Chief joint with Yves Mely (Strasbourg) and Otto Wolfbeis (Regensburg).

August 2012. David Birch presents a Plenary lecture on fluorescence probe studies of stacked sheet structures, including the Group’s recent work on eumelanin, at the FluoroFest V workshop  in Bethesda Maryland.

August 2012. Meas. Sci. Technol. publishes papers from the Nano Meets Spectroscopy conference in a special issue.

July 2012. Ross McQueenie’s PhD thesis work on eumelanin fibrils is published in J. Biomed. Opt. An image from the paper is shown on the journal’s front cover.

May 2012. David Birch presents the 2012 Student Colloquium “Medicine, Molecules and Measurement”. Lecture to be repeated in November.

March 2012. The Photophysics Group’s recent work revealing evidence for eumelanin protomolecule formation and sheet structure is published in App. Phys. Lett. 100, 113701, 2012.

March 2012. David Birch presents a Plenary Lecture on “Fluorescence probe photophysics and healthcare” at the 8th PIMoP Workshop in Prague. Research student Philip Yip also presented a talk on nanoparticle metrology using covalent dye labelling.  David Birch Chairs the International Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology at the Institute of Physics in London.

March 2012. Olaf Rolinski presents an invited talk on Alzheimer’s beta amyloid aggregation at BIT’s 5th Annual Conference on Protein and Peptide (PepCon-2012) in Beijing.

January 2012. David Birch takes up his appointment as the new Editor in Chief of Measurement Science and Technology.

December 2011. Mariana Amaro successfully defends her PhD viva thesis on beta amyloid.

November 2011. Yu Chen and David Birch present lectures at FluoroFest IV in Munich.

October 2011. Yu Chen presents an invited talk “Fluorescent gold nanoparticles for imaging in cells” at Photonex 2011 in Coventry.

October 2011. David Birch visits Prague, where he is the Visiting Professor of Applied Physics at CTU, in order to Chair the European Board of Measurement Science and Technology and to present a lecture at the inaugural workshop of the new Bio-Opt-Xuv EU funded programme in which the Photophysics Group is a collaborator. Later in the month David also attended as a Panelist the 2011 Masao Horiba Award Ceremony in Kyoto.

September 2011. The Nano Meets Spectroscopy conference co-organised by the Group at NPL  goes off exceedingly well with the 130 delegates enjoying this novel cocktail of spectroscopies and and nanotechnologies.

September 2011. Photophysics Group gets the front cover of the September issue of Applied Physics Letters for a FLIM image from its paper “Two-photon excited surface plasmon enhanced energy transfer between DAPI and gold nanoparticles : opportunities in intra-cellular imaging and sensing ” by Y Zhang, D J S Birch and Y Chen.

August 2011. Research student Mariana Amaro won the best oral presentation prize for her talk “A new light in amyloid oligomerisation” at the 6th UKRI PG Conference in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.

 August 2011. David Birch gives invited lectures on fluorescence nanometrology and melanin at FluoroFest III in Santa Clara, California.

August 2011. Abstract submissions close for Nano Meets Spectroscopy to be held at NPL in September and due to high demand only a few registration places are now left.

July 2011. Olaf Rolinski selected for a contributed talk on the Group’s recent work on beta-amyloid aggregation at MAF 12 in Strasbourg in September. David Birch will Chair a session and research students Yinan Zhang and Jonathan Coulter will present posters at what is the World’s leading meeting on fluorescence.

July 2011. SUPA awards David Birch £76k for an SFC SPIRIT PhD research studentship. Four new research students are expected to join the Group in September.

April 2011. Our research, recently published in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., and featured in Chemistry World , on detecting the early stages of beta-amyloid aggregation that leads to Alzheimer’s disease, attracts global press coverage including articles in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express,  Scotsman, Glasgow Herald, USA Today and the Times of India.

April 2011. David Birch’s invited Perspective article “Fluorescence detections and directions” published on-line in Measurement Science and Technology.

March-April 2011. David Birch visits Ireland on IoP sponsored lecture tour.

March 2011. Paper on detecting early stage aggregation of beta-amyloid is published. See Phys.Chem.Chem. Phys., 13, 6434-41, 2011.

November 2010. David Birch presents Webinar “Investigating Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging” for Spectroscopy Magazine.

September 2010. Yu Chen and David Birch present invited lectures at FluoroFest II in Irvine California.