The group is well equipped with modern marine instrumentation, including two ac-9 absorption/attenuation meters, two free-fall profiling radiometers (Satlantic SPMR and Hyperpro), a LISST laser particle sizer, Hydroscat 2 BB9 and BB3 backscattering meters, platform configurable Trios hyperspectral radiometers, and a Seabird CTD system. Recent additions include a Cytobuoy imaging flow cytometer and a Chelsea Instruments Fast Ocean / Fast Act fluorometer system. Laboratory facilities include standard and custom-built spectrometers for measuring phytoplankton absorption and fluorescence (PSICAM being developed with HZG), inverted and epifluorescence microscopes, and a small-scale algal culture facility. We have computing facilities for in-house SeaDAS processing of SeaWiFS satellite images, and use Matlab and Curt Mobley’s Hydrolight for modelling studies.